Ryan has been collecting movie tickets for as long as he can remember. The first ticket added to his collection was 1996's Bio-Dome. Not the best start, but he'd eventually bounce back. (Sort of.)

After writing a handful of reviews casually on social media, he decided that he'd be better off writing full-fledged reviews on his own! Armed with very little early access to films, an average command of the English language, and a credit card with a fairly low limit, Ryan set out to see whether or not those Rotten Tomatoes ratings were right.

While he considers himself a critic on the surface, he's got a soft spot for movies from Marvel Studios and anything remotely fast and or furious.

Rickety old theaters are his preference, and he typically says "no" to popcorn. (Years of wearing braces will do that to a person.)

(Yes, that's a real picture of his tickets.)