Trailer Round-up: San Diego Comic-Con Edition

July 24, 2017

While this will primarily serve as a should-you or shouldn't-you watch list of trailers from this past weekend's Comic-Con, there'll also be a handful of non-Comic-Con trailers that get honorable mentions. Without further ado—and in no particular order—here's what you should be keeping an eye out for!



Stranger Things (Season 2)

Surprising none, yet delighting everyone, comes the first thing that you should watch. Last year's surprise eerie hit raises the stakes even more. The boys are back in town (alongside a host of familiar faces), and this time they're really playing up the Halloween theme. I fully expect the show pack even more tricks and treats than its predecessor when it drops this October.



Justice League

While my level of skepticism couldn't be higher, I try and remain cautiously optimistic. The latest Justice League trailer gives us a closer look at each of our heroes individually (rather than the previous team-up 'come together' theme). One could make the argument that it isn't a trailer at all, but rather a pretty hefty sneak peek (coming in at over 4 minutes). It doesn't pack too many new surprises, but does give viewers a glimpse at the movie's villain. However, those of you hoping to see the return of Superman will have to wait just a bit longer.



Marvel's The Defenders

If you've got a case of Marvel fatigue, this may just be the remedy that reels you right back in. While previous Defenders teasers have merely introduced viewers to the idea that our four unsung heroes are teaming up, this time we get to see what they'll be up against. If you're keeping score, Marvel on Netflix is (more or less) 3 for 4 on successes. (Let's try and pretend that Iron Fist doesn't exist.) As long as they can keep Danny Rand to a minimum, then August 18th will make for a good day to binge this mini-series.



Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel seems to be convinced that the single-character-led superhero flick is a relic of the past, and team-ups are the way to go. In Thor's third non-Avengers outing, we'll get even more testosterone-filled action, doused in even bigger battle sequences, served up with a side of synthwave. If you enjoyed the bro-tastic tension between Thor and Hulk in 2012's The Avengers, then you'll feel right at home.



Westworld (Season 2)

With Game of Thrones in full effect, I wouldn't blame you for forgetting HBO's other goldmine. Chock full of blissful music and violent imagery, we get a glimpse at how the once euphoric western escape has turned upside-down. While it won't return until sometime in 2018, consider this as whetting the appetite. 



Ready Player One

Without looking in the video comments for answers, see how many different video game / comic / pop culture references you can find littered throughout the trailer. (Spoiler: there's a lot.) Ready Player One is a film adaptation of the book of the same name. While movies that are plucked straight from video game material often fail to live up to expectations, this might be the one to break the mold. (Although it isn't a necessarily a video game, per se.)



Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Brush up on your English accent, make sure your blazer is buttoned properly, and pour yourself a nice drink. Kingsman: The Golden Circle looks to expand on its already suave universe by taking things state-side. Pedro Pascal and Channing Tatum look to provide ample amounts of 'Murica, while Taron Egerton continues to become more endearing as the series goes on. And don't you dare forget—manners maketh man.



The Disaster Artist

I did not hit her—it's not true.

It's bullshit!

I did not hit her.

I did naaaht.


Oh, hi Mark.


(Please win Best Picture at The Academy Awards.)

In addition to this shortlist, there were about a dozen or so other trailers that dropped, but nothing too extravagant. Inhumans gets another trailer that I found lackluster (but you might like), Pacific Rim: Uprising looks more like a video game teaser than an actual movie, and The LEGO Ninjago Movie continues LEGO's quest for global cinema domination.


Side note, if you do a little hunting around, you'll most likely be able to see the leaked D23 (and Comic-Con) footage of Avengers: Infinity War. For casual fans, I'd recommend holding off on watching it, since hand-cam footage isn't the most graceful. But if you must see it, the culmination of all the hard work that Marvel Studios has done since 2008ish just might bring a tear to your eye. (I didn't cry, I swear it.)


That wraps up this (mostly) Comic-Con filled week of trailers. I don't imagine too many more (big) trailers will all drop in the same week, but if they do, you can expect another write-up right here!

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