Logan Lucky - A return to form for director Steven Soderbergh.

August 22, 2017

I’ll start off by saying that this review periodically draws comparisons with 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven (and less so its two sequels from 2004 and 2007). Also, there’s apparently an Ocean’s Eight set to drop sometime next year. Who’da thunk?




Logan Lucky stars Channing Tatum and Adam Driver, as the brothers Logan, and their ambitious quest to pull off a robbery during a NASCAR race. It also marks a welcome return to form for director Steven Soderbergh—known for his star-studded casts, and airtight heists. Alongside the Logans are—deep breath—Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes, Seth MacFarlane, Hilary Swank, Sebastian Stan and Riley Keough. Star-studded? Check.



The film shows its heavy influence from Ocean’s Eleven during its late stages (i.e. heist), but it’s the build up to its conclusion that sets itself apart, and avoids being a southern backdrop duplicate of its predecessor. Forewarning: If you’re in it just for for the final payoff, you may be left just a tad bit disappointed. It spends a lot of time developing each character, and luckily (no pun intended), it never gets too long in the tooth. Like a typical Soderbergh film does, each character plays their part, and has a specific purpose. Not a minute, or person, goes wasted, and you end up with an efficient, concise summer flick.



Logan Lucky draws strength from taking its well-known actors and having them play much more imaginative roles. In Ocean’s Eleven, it was each character playing an amplified version of their Hollywood personas—whereas Logan Lucky throws typecasting out of the window, as has the most recent James Bond as an eccentric prisoner. How’s that for a curveball?



Once the film finally wrapped, I didn’t imagine that this review would be terribly long, and it won’t be. You’ve got a handful of charming actors, playing equally as lovable roles. While the backdrop / setting may not appeal to everyone, the slightly zany characters do more than enough to hold your attention. I certainly don’t expect myself to be raving (like critics do..?) about Logan Lucky in the months to come but regardless,  it’s a solid, well-rounded film that deserves your consideration.





1-2: Horrendous, wouldn’t recommend watching even if free of charge.
3-4: Potentially has some good ideas, but overall still lackluster.
5-6: Average, a decently good time; go see it if it's free.
7-8: A solid recommendation, and well-rounded film; warrants a purchase after home release.
9: No glaring flaws; deserves to be watched multiple times.
10: Masterful, must-see; filmmaking at its finest.


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