Den of Thieves - A little here, a little there.

January 19, 2018

I'll start by saying this won't be more of an in-depth analysis like some of my previous reviews. Quite frankly, the movie wasn't terrible—just not much overall to discuss. Den of Thieves is your run-of-the-mill action / heist film that doesn't do anything overtly awful. It also doesn't try too hard to stand out.


Though they don't do too much to either refine the formula, or take it in a new direction, the movie at least feels like it's directed by someone clearly a fan of the genre. It's almost as if they listed off the key things that take place in similar films, and decided to incorporate all of them. The end result feels disjointed and a bit long in the tooth. That being said, there are certainly some bright spots to be had. It's just a shame that they don't always mesh together very well. You'll go from a pulse-pounding robbery, to a gentle family moment, then to a lighthearted comedy scene—all the while feeling like had the directors stuck to one theme, or tone, the end results would've paid off.


Instead we're left with bits and pieces of a what could've been a surprisingly decent film. There's an interesting dynamic between Gerard Butler's antagonist and our main heist man, but too often does it revert back to watered down movie tropes that eat up far too much screen time.




1-2: Horrendous, wouldn’t recommend watching even if free of charge.
3-4: Potentially has some good ideas, but overall still lackluster.
5-6: Average, a decently good time; go see it if it's free.
7-8: A solid recommendation, and well-rounded film; warrants a purchase after home release.
9: No glaring flaws; deserves to be watched multiple times.
10: Masterful, must-see; filmmaking at its finest.

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