Before Sunrise - Into the Void

October 13, 2019

Just a quick note: this review isn't going into the archives. It'll still live here on the site, but since it's pretty archaic (by my general standards), it'll serve as a one-off more than anything. Also, it's not much of an in-depth review, so much as it is just a general thought piece.

Immediately after the film ended, and the credits began to roll, I couldn't shake the notion that I needed to whip up some words about what I just watched. So here I am, writing about a movie from.. 1995.



I'm still not quite sure that I've fully grasped exactly what this film did that clicked so audibly loud in my brain. I want to say that I've boiled it down to its free-spirited attitude shown towards completely defying normalities. Instead of contemplating the 'think', it dives head-first into the 'do'. Instead of scaring you with the consequences of mistakes past, it pushes you forward in hopes to avoid having never really 'lived'. This dreamy idea of having loved and lost as opposed to never loving at all is more timeless than film itself, and Before Sunrise whimsically and effortlessly weaves it between its fingertips.


Sometimes we worry so heavily about the 'why' that we never end up experiencing the 'why not'. Yet we dream of happenstance and coincidence with the strongest tint of rose in our glasses. Through the medium of film we're able to give these two vessels a perfect set of conditions that allow them to completely let go of reservation, and through such an outlet, do we then find ourselves deep into the void of our greatest fears, lofty goals, and existential quandaries. 



Before Sunrise feels both completely inconsequential and anecdotal, yet tantalizingly thought-provoking.


What in the world did I just watch?



1-2: Horrendous, wouldn’t recommend watching even if free of charge.
3-4: Potentially has some good ideas, but overall still lackluster.
5-6: Average, a decently good time; go see it if it's free.
7-8: A solid recommendation, and well-rounded film; warrants a purchase after home release.
9: No glaring flaws; deserves to be watched multiple times.
10: Masterful, must-see; filmmaking at its finest.

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